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What's Your Favorite?

FatherMulcahy.jpg PigglyWiggly.gif FruitOfTheLoom.jpg

I don't watch the show, I don't shop at the store and I don't wear the underwear, but these are three names that I've enjoyed saying for at least 20 years.

Father Mulcahy
Piggly Wiggly
Fruit of the Loom

Many years ago, I was in the middle of a dental procedure, with a bunch of contraptions jammed into my mouth, and for some reason the words "Piggly Wiggly" entered my brain. I couldn't stop laughing. Needless to say, my dentist was unhappy about this.


Piggly Wiggly for sure. It's got humor, gluttony, poetry, even subversive sexual overtones all delivered with a friendly cartoon mascot. I wonder how he feels about the special on pork chops.

I used to think Fruit of the Loom was a foreign word- something like 'fruda-dalume'. Could be Italian, like fra-gi-le. By the time I realized the literal english meaning, I had kicked tighty whiteys. I think I was about 11 or 12. From then on it was boxers: the choice of idiot savants and would be free-ballers everywhere.

The only thing I learned from M*A*S*H was that "horse hockey" was a poor substitute for real swearing. Oh, and cross dressing will not get you sent home early.

Piggly Wiggly, all the way.

Ashland used to have a Piggly Wiggly (aka, "The Pig.") It's name changed to "Super H Foods" in the 80s. To this day, everybody still calls it The Pig.

For a long time, I've wanted to go to the Piggly Wiggly in Woodland, because it's the one Twin Ports grocery store I've never been to. I have to put that back on the top of my list before the place closes or becomes a Super One.

It hasn't closed or become a Super One yet, has it?

Not yet Barrett... so have you been in the grocery store on Howard Gnesen Rd, up around W. Calvary? Not sure what it is, a small Super Valu or some such.

I didn't even know about that one.

I'm still mourning the loss of Loop Foods in Lakeside.

I'm pretty sure Super One bought the Woodland Piggly Wiggly, yet it retains the Piggly Wiggly name- and cool signage. Time for some more photos for the archives.

I really like shopping at the Homecroft Super Valu on Howard Gnesen. They even still bag and carry your groceries out to your car (or horse-drawn buggy).

To match the low stress shopping experience at a megamarket, I have to shop after 10 pm, when it's just me and the floor cleaning crew. The big chains also frown upon bathrobes and testing products for freshness (ala the Dude).

The Gnesen store... it used to be named for the owners... Archularries or some such thing... Maybe they all died off and left the store to Super V? I always find it to be a drag when the local shop changes it's name to some corporate branding...

yeah PJ's got it, Homecroft Supervalu.

I'm partial to Woodland Fine Foods. They also bag, and you drive up and they load it up for you. Only right now the whole store is being remodled so they push the cart out and load you up.

The Pig is alright for those evening strolls to get some milk or somesuch, but other than the signage it's nothing special

i am guessing that we are typing about the same thing... this is what they used to be known as... correct spelling and all... found on the web...

DULUTH, MN 55803
Phone: (218) 724-6674

I am mildly addicted to M*A*S*H at the moment and I used to party with a guy that looked like a cross between the Padre and Jesus. So.....there ya go.

I love Piggly Wiggly, but my favorite goofy phrase to say really fast is "peanut butter panda puffs."

Favorite two word alliterations:
Chucky Cheeses
Carnivorous Carnival
Lacey Louwagie
Scyld Scefing

wakka jawakka
walla walla
sheik yerbouti
robby ramjet

and my two 'catch phrases'
hot like a rocket...
on it like comet...

My favorite word in this whole post is "Gnesen". Hee. Gnesen.

comet gauntlet!

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