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What'd You Guys Do This Weekend??


Amy Abts and I hung out at the mall all day on Sunday for MTV and Epic Record's super hottest new up-and-coming total rock star, Cheyenne Kimball!!!!

The Sizzler, Heiko, myself and that drunken Irish Pirate handed out very exciting stickers and teen girl-oriented magazines to all her total fans!!!!

I personally have never gotten so many dirty looks from so many moms.

Amy A., I hope you got paid better than we did.

Speaking of which, I hear that Amy Abts has a solo gig at 8pm for Beaner's Central One Week Live #5 next Friday, September 29th.


Cheyenne? Isn't that a city in Wyoming?


I was just wondering...does the gauntlet count if you run it backwards? By backwards I mean starting at the bottom post and ending with the top. It would be a lot easier to run that way, since thwarters are more likely to spot you at the top of the page.

ya know, barrett...you have a great point...

maybe vicarious and perhaps Lundgren and I can somehow fashion a "gauntlet playbook" of sorts setting up the guidelines and usage of the gauntlet...though lundgren plays dirty pool (Much like Mark Kennedy's campaign ads against Amy Klobuchar...dirty pool indeed) by hitting us with Drunklets...as we all know...drunklets trump run of the mill gauntlets.

I guess getting a gauntlet out before being thwarted by another player is the thrill of the game.

BTW...Amy looks so darned thrilled in that picture...

hey adam thanks for the free publicity. too bad you missed the massive teenage clottage at the cd signing.

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