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The day after.

It amazes me that with all the people who contribute to PDD, that NOBODY recognized, or cared enough, to note the passing of one of the saddest anniversaries in the US.

I still feel angry that this happened. I am DISGUSTED with GW's handling of the situation. As far as I know, Bin Laden isn't hiding in downtown Baghdad.

Whether or not you agree with US policy, I'm sure we can all agree that nobody who passed on that horrible day deserved what happened to them, nor did their families.



(Professor commenting under the Candidate's sign-in)

So now I have to deal with the anniversary of the attacks, AND I have to deal with a nagging, judgmental scold telling me I didn't deal with the anniversary of the attacks in the right way? Puh-leeze.

I chose to celebrate yesterday with silence. That is what I remember on that day - the silence.

Quiet children because their parents were crying and they didn't know why.

Quiet in the stores, with people buying what they needed and going home again, without saying hello to their neighbors.

Quiet in the air when the planes were grounded.

Quiet in the streets - people staying home to find comfort in family.

Only the incessant sounds of the media reporting what we already knew broke through the quiet day.

Only my anger at a government who used the attacks as as PR, a ratings boost and as fodder for warmongering remains, tinged with the sadness that the people of 9-11 are being used as poster children for this so-called "war on terror."

So please, don't dare to judge our depth of feeling because we didn't post.

I voted today.

Consider that my recognition, care and note.

I absolutely share the above sentiments. The absence of posts on a public website in no way, shape, or form equates to an absence of recognition of or care for the anniversary of 9/11, or the individuals whose lives were lost or deeply affected. What a ridiculous assumption!

Hmm. Interesting comments.

Nagging, judgemental scold? Hardly.

I didn't suggest that anyone DIDN'T note it the RIGHT way.

I merely commented on the absence of any post.

If you want to get pissed at someone, be pissed at Bill Clinton, who was offered Bin Laden more than once, and did NOTHING with it.

Be angry at the savages, for that's EXACTLY what they were, who murdered all those people, who destroyed their hopes and dreams.

Be angry that people are dying in Iraq, because I sure as hell am.

Be angry that our borders are a sieve, and that MORE criminals make their way into the US every day.

Be angry that madmen of every stripe pervert their 'religion' for their own purposes.

Be angry at me, if you wish, for I don't think like you do.

I think there has/was enough being said that day by far too many people.

Between 41 to 46 thousand Iraqi civilians have been killed, getting pretty close to 3k US deaths in Iraq as well.

fucking war on terror

Shall we have a monthly post about these people?

*sigh* I understand what you are saying but as others have said already, silence =/= non caring.

What CAN be said afterall that has not been said ad nausium?

I'm in favor of silent remembrance. Sep 11 has become a tool for political agendas. I don't think the people that died that day would like to be used in such a way.

Do we HAVE to post about it? When every other page you read has SOMETHING to say on the subject...but nothing to say of the outcome thus far...people imprisoned against their will for nothing more than having a suspicious heritage or name...tortured and beaten in secret prisons that don't technically exist (or do they) for no reason other than you were in the wrong place at the wrong time...

and I should be reminded that if I don't remember that day I'm a fucking traitor...and i should be dragged into the street and beaten to death because by not paying heed i'm somehow emboldening the 'terrerists' by giving them aid and comfort.

and that that one day was used as the justification to murder tens of thousands of innocent men, women and children, whether it be directly from "friendly fire" or indirectly by means of suicide bombers in an unofficial "civil war."

If that one day, if that one event is all you pay attention to, sir...

Ya know, it sucks that PDD was one of the last places I could go to just read about stuff, free from 'compassionate' conservative 'intellectualism' and compulsory grief, and you've sucessfully ruined that in grand fashion.

thanks, dick.

Note that yesterday, noone including The PartsGuy posted. Not until the day past did above indicated user post. And only to complain that we did not chime in to rubber stamp his/her view.

Yea, it sucks that those folks in died. They didn't ask for it.

Yea. It sucks that some 42,000 Iraqi civilians have died too. They didn't ask for it either.

And for "The PartsGuy"... I am disappointed at your lecturing tone. You can do better.

I didn't post yesterday because I was waiting for approval from the siteowners, actually. Sorry.

For the record, I never called anyone a traitor, nor did I insinuate such. If that's what you read into what I wrote, oh well.

I prefer not to be angry.

yeah, i went to work. i roasted coffee...i felt that mourning and rememberance was better left to those who actually lost someone.

Jesus allah fucking santa claus. What a bizzazre post. I will mourn in my own way, thanks. I will post in my own way, thanks. Fuck off.

No one posted here, because every other media outlet was innundated with near-mandatory day-long September 11th coverage.
Yes, it was a very disturbing thing that happened, but on the September 11th anniversary, I chose not to wallow in depression and/or anger like others, I chose to have a good day and read a book. Each is allowed to remember the day in there own way.
The fact that one site on the internet chose to recognize the anniversary, while about 8 billion others did sholdn't make us horrible people. I'm sure that many regular readers remembered, they just felt the need to handle that memory in their own way (which may have included not posting).
And there's nothing "sacred" about a 5th anniversary - it's just one-half of the significant marker in the math system we use/b>. Five is half of ten - big fucking deal. Why didn't you get on our cases on the first-fourth anniversaries?? Will you chide us on the sixth-ninth as well, and serve up a huge rant on the tenth? And where were you on Pearl Harbor day, eh? It had loss of life, but it doesn't quite require the mandatory PC reaction of anyone under 40, so I'll just sleep in, is that it??
So to reiterate (in my ultra-crabby morning style), please don't fucking tell us what we're or weren't thinking on September 11th, or somehow insinuate that we're bad people because we didn't slather our site in red white & blue like everyone else on September 11th. Our behavior is not something that deserves being "disgusted" with.

Now that I have cooled off, I'd like to thank ThePartsGuy for releasing my daily dose of WTFness. I'd also like to say "I love you, rock star" to Bad Cat and InDog. Rock on.

do not fret partsguy, soon it will be a national holiday. then we can go around saying happy 9-11 & get the day off from work.

I would like to add that I remembered in silence. Don't persecute me.....
I remember EVERYDAY!

"If you want to get pissed at someone, be pissed at Bill Clinton, who was offered Bin Laden more than once, and did NOTHING with it."

Turn off your television, you troll.

My first thought: "Ooh, someone watched the ABC movie-of-the-week!"

Thanks, Adam!

Such hostility from some of you!! (Bad Cat, call your office.)I would suggest Paxil.

Nowhere in my original post did I say I was disgusted with anyone's behavior, other than how GW has totally fucked it up. Did you read past my first sentence??

Actually, Adam, I don't watch very much TV. I find it to be full of boring fluff and PC garbage.

PLENTY of sources will state that Clinton did nothing.

Use Google. See what you might find. For example:


Or is it only true if Al Franken says so?

BTW, I didn't watch the ABC movie of the week, although anything that makes liberals irate usually amuses me to no end.

The fact that ABC caved ensured I wouldn't watch it.

C-freak, I would suggest you stick around. Someday, I may post about how ridiculous gun control is.


Perhaps if you wanted your post to be taken in the spirit in which you say you meant it, then you should have phrased your first sentence differently.

Your first sentence was designed to antagonize by stating that nobody cared enough to post. If you wanted people to read the rest of your post, or if the rest of your post was truly the intent of your message, then you should have left off the first sentence.

Not an auspicious beginning to your time here on this blog, which, if this is the way you mean to go on, will be blissfully short.

Whooooooooooooo let the trolls in!?!?



MSNBC is not a terribly good source. They recently got slammed because of internal memos being leaked directing the news departments to drop any serious anti-war coverage/debate in '03 becasue the competition was cornering the market on flag waving(seriously). As to, "you can find it on the internet", yeah that's a winner. The internet also tells me I can have a six hour errection, Bush was responsible for blowing up the towers and that G Gordon Liddy is a great guy.
What was that phrase used in '00? "Get over it"? People need to get over blaming everything on Clinton, fer Christ sakes, I was pretty ambivalaent about Clinton but I'd rather have another 30 years with him in office then endure the remaining two years of christo-fascist(heh) left to us.
I would say someone saying they are anti-PC but are willing to tell other how to feel is boarderline totalitarian.
Things are not going to go smooth for you young one. May I suggest citizens blog?

Raging argument. Dispair. Thoughtful silence. Condemnation. Artful humor. Poetic expression.

Twenty-four posts that say nothing about 9/11 but everything about a people so wonderful that others cannot stand their existence.

I love America.

hey PartsGuy...please chill. the 11th is only one of the days that we all (a good number of us anyway) grieve in many private and public ways over the insanity of the daily numbres of dead here and in afghanistan and iraq. peace bro. we need peace the world over. i love ya man, moondogsig

"Nowhere in my original post did I say I was disgusted with anyone's behavior, other than how GW has totally fucked it up. Did you read past my first sentence??"
Are you serious?? Did *you* read your first sentence?
Let me refresh your memory:
"NOBODY recognized, or cared enough, to note the passing of one of the saddest anniversaries in the US."

Such hostility from some of you!! (Bad Cat, call your office.)I would suggest Paxil.

Nah, I'm more of an Effexor kinda gal. ;) You should see me when I'm not medicated - scary!!!

holy commentary gauntlet, batmen!

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