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Would adding a Shoutcast element and letting a handfull of Pdders use it to broadcast be cost prohibitve for Pdd in general?
I am a member of a different medium sized blog that does thiis and find it pretty cool


I think it would be a good idea. How would you have us submit, mp3 recording? Also are you looking for music, or more of a talk / podcast thing. I run my own Shoutcast stream at moeview.com link moeradio, it's a blast. Let me know what comes of this. Aaron

Isn't shoutcast free? I played around with shoutcast once and found it to be pretty cool.

I'm not going to set it up, but I'll certainly help put the link on PDD, etc.

I think it is free as far as set up goes, but it needs to be hosted somewhere, and outside of that other place I havve no experience with it, so am not sure what the bandwidth usages are.

I was thinking a sporadic dj thing setup

Theoretically, we have "unlimited" bandwidth, but a lot of people will remember what happened with the video of that dancing kid, when we got something like 40,000 hits in one day and our hosts moved us to the slowest server they had, making the site pretty much useless.

Still, it *might* be possible. But again, I don't want to do the grunt work.

How about, if I enquire at the other place re: how much bandwidth they use (I'm almost certian they use it (shoutcast) more than we would), then run it by you guys to see if Pdd could support it, and if so may I do the grunt work and set it up on this server, as well as administer that aspect of the site?

I really don't see why not.

And if anyone wants to yammer away with some kind of talk show, I would certainly listen to that as well. I'm just sayin'.

ah well... looking at the best way to set it up, looks like it'd cost about $30 a month to be legit and have ok sound quality. I seriously doubt we'd get that many donations to cover the cost each month.
C'est la vie I suppose.

That's fine, because streaming audio is kind of 1999. Podcasting is where it's really at -- on demand listening.

podcasting is cool, but I find it take a fair bit of prep time to get it going and up, then you have to build a listener list... at least with streaming it can be done any old time you are at your computer.

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