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Portrait of a Drowned Man on RADIO K!

Image by Samantha Connolly

Duluth's Portrait of a Drowned Man will be traveling to Minneapolis on Sunday 10.01.06 to perform live on Radio K's program "Now Like Photographs"!

Now Like Photographs

In the Minneapolis/St. Paul area you can tune in on 770 AM / 106.5 FM / 100.7 FM. The show can be streamed world wide on the web at http://www.radiok.org (click on the "Listen" tab").

Sunday October 1st, 2006 | 04 - 06pm CST

More info:

Now Like Photographs
> http://www.nowlikephotographs.com
> http://www.myspace.com/nowlikephotographs

Radio K
> http://www.radiok.org

Portrait of a Drowned Man
> http://www.poadm.com

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