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PDD Blog Round Up

pdd-round-up-1again.jpgMany PDDers have their own blogs and I don't often wander off to see what they are talking about on their personal blogs, so here is my first installment of PDD Blog Round Up where I point you to what I think are some notable blog posts on personal blogs by PDD regulars. Feel free to post your own links.

Chef Barrett cooks up the Mac & Cheese o' the Week.

BadCat! gets on the couch and talks about her Semi-Naked Dreams.

And I, Ironic1, manage to piss someone off in a local coffee house.


LOL I'm crying! (and, ironically, naked)

I advise every PDDer to go to any or every blog posts' comments and click on PDDposters' hyperlinked names. That's how I discovered:
I forget the blogger's id, but I absolutely love the site.
I'm just a MySpace blogger for now; click on my hyperlink.

I'm sure I'm biased, but I really enjoy reading Ezra's writings... check them out at: The Northernmost Texan

Although I blog on myspace, lately I've been thinking that myspace must be the teen people back issues in the dr's office of the blogging world.

You must read them, because there's nothing else to read unless you want to read issues of "Prevention" or "Health" or "Readers' Digest..." and nobody wants to be caught reading that in the dr's office.

Ideas? Opinions?

Tamara, I agree. I actually have had a blogger space for 2-3 years now, but have not posted on it. Having my own blog seems like a lot of responsibility and preasure. I'm a busy gal and a flawed writer; my spelling and typing sucks, I'm a techno-peasant with no HTML skills, and already spend too much time on the internet.

Having my own blog is putting myself out there. I like to hide behind the Teen People aspects of MySpace: busy-looking page, music that may keep people away, a fluffy atmosphere where no one is going to seriously keep up with what I'm saying. Zero pressure.

Then again, I'm the kind of gal who brings a book to the Dr.'s office. Maybe I'll actually become a blogger.

Besides Ironic's,Bad Cat's, and Barrett's blogs, the other PDDer's blog I regularily read is Laurie's:

I read my friend's/pdder's MySpace blogs, but they are ugly. They are "teen people" blogs that I read because "my friends" do not have other blogs. I know I'm tired o how ugly my MySpace blog looks & am never going to get a font I like there.

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