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crochunt.jpgCrocodile Hunter Steve Irwin dead in freak sting ray accident full story here.


Crikey! I was just reading about this like two seconds ago...

I thought the person I was reading it from was joking til I looked at the CNN article...

This was not an "accident". A sting ray's defence is to sting. If you mess with an animal, it will instinctually protect itself. Mother nature 1, humans 0.

I always thought he'd go by croc mauling or snake bite.

He died with his boots... errr... flippers on.

bound to happen

The creepy thing is that with his medical team he could have survived anything except a direct sting to the heart...oops.

Well, he was doing what he loved...up until the last couple of moments.

He accidently boxed it in.

"I die, Horatio."

He had buckley's of surviving. Newspaper says he bunged instantly.

He was wagging on a documentary for his daughter. I guess that's the ta you get.

Even if he was was a little zoomly, he was still ; what with helping protect the environment and all.

...still dinkum; what with helping protect the environment and all.

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