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I'd like to destroy starfire

Wow. Now this is weird I want to destroy both Starfire and starwars. What am I saying.

Administration Researches Laser Weapon

"The White House wants us to do space defense," said a senior Pentagon official who oversees many space programs, including the laser effort. "We need that ability to protect our assets" in orbit.

Does this look familiar?

What I want to know: Starfire are you a "weapon-class beam director." ?


Maybe once they're perfected this "laser" of theirs, they can get to work on the unnecessarily slow-moving dipping mechanism and the sharks with frickin' laser beams attached to their heads.

knowing our government they probably fired the lasers at our own satellites.

darn those covert cia agents, I mean terrorists.

I think I saw Starfire and V-Nick pick up a couple of high-powered lasers at a rummage sale last weekend. They're probably being mounted to the A-frame as we speak.

I wouldn't be surprised. Those guys are diabolical.

tam and I drove past the gayframe this afternoon on our way to hawk ridge with the grandmas...unfortunately I can't confirm that there was any questionable laser buliding activites as yet. However, their propensity for keeping their diabolical proclivities on the DL is quite well known.

Though I did hear that Starfire only wants to persue laser technology for peaceful and civilian purposes.

Perhaps we should convene a session with the East Hillside Federation Security Council to asess the situation and offer suggestions for a peacable resolution to the situation with our neighbors a block or two up the hill. As one who lives a mere block and a half away, I for one am concerned as to the goings on of this duo.

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