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Human rights ordinance

You probably saw the article in the DNT today about Mayor Bergson and his plans to eliminate the Human Rights Office and Ordinance. Herb's budget for next year has deemed that the city doesn't really need to be bothered by such trivial things, yet I guess they can find money to expand the lakewalk past those damn condos at the bottom of 21st ave E. and the city may well help out with a million and a half in tax-increment financing to good old A&L to "revitalize" the block accross from the gacktacular SoftCenter.

Herb has been a bit snippy in his email responses to this issue, here is his email address [email protected]. And here is the list with the city council members contact info

It is early in the budget process, but if you are at all inclined, I urge you to contact these folks and let them know your thoughts. Even better, show up for the theatre that is the City Council meetin' (Monday 7pm), show up early sign up, say your peice. The council members where a bit...befuddled at the last meeting so the more people that hammer home the need for this the better.


For the record: I am not a traditional Herb hater. Most of what he has done I appriciate (driving drunk, not so much). It seems as he nears the end of his term he has grown a bit unconcerned on some things.
As well, I love the lakewalk, and enjoy using it, but to me at least, it seems a bit obnoxious to cut one while "finding money" for the other.

You humanoids have no so-called "rights". Now get back to the plasma mine or we will zap you with our zap guns!

Don't blame me, I voted for Kodos.

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