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Franken on Letterman

So last night, Al Franken was on Letterman, and Dave told (on Al's behalf) a Buddy Hackett joke which apparently is also told in some new documentary. Because the joke was risque (I guess), they bleeped out the punchline. I highly doubt that a documentary about Al Franken will be playing in Colorado, so ... somebody please fill in the blanks.

(And, by the way, anyone want to start a pool on when the "Duluth Answer Man" ads will begin surfacing on TV once Franken decides he will run for senate?)


Cliff notes version of the joke... Concerning the dick growing out of your forehead, you won't have to worry about looking at it in the mirror... because your balls will be covering your eyes.

I don't see this bit on YouTube yet...

Thanks. I figured it could only be a few things -- otherwise it wouldn't have been bleeped -- but I wasn't sure what direction of crudity it was going in.

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