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Booking RT's

Hey music lovers.

I've been hearing about a few shows, er, showing up at RT's here in Duluth. What gives? Are they going back to having live music? Some of the best shows ever have been held at RT's, and I know a lot of fellow musicians who are dying to get back in there.

So what gives? Who should I talk to about setting something up? Who else wants to play there? What can we do to get the local music scene back into shape?


Robbie is the man to talk to. He's the big guy that looks like he knows his shit.

You will need to completely take care of:
* Sound
* Two door people
* Door till
* Promo

Pay attention to what's going on (sports) the weekend you're looking at--if there's some DECC event or other, Robbie will be less interested for obvious reasons.

I didn't really understand their "we don't need to book music/it doesn't make us money" arguement until I put together the first Anti-Valentine's show at R.T.'s a few years ago... (One of the first shows to restart the music at R.T.'s trend, BTW--and it took a good amount of convincing on my part. Too many "we want to play here and you to pay us" requests, apparently.) Friday evening, 4:30pm full bar, full downstairs; place was hoppin'. Point being: they don't "need" to anything, so ask nice. Having boobs probably wouldn't hurt.

It helps if a) you've dropped more than a few paychecks drinking down there and b) you get someone who has an "in" to ask with you.

The first year Homegrown had shows there, they agreed after I asked. I'd been drinking with Jim Hagstrom for a few hours, though, so that greased the deal.

Aye to that.

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