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Why, God? Why?


NOW I'm afraid.


"Sure, you have a nice truck, you may have the 20 inch rims, low profile tires, but your nothing without your Truck Nutz."

I suppose it makes it more authentic that they don't use "you're."

just be glad they didn't use "yer".
As to why? well if you are a big truck owning poser, why the hell not add a touch of additional offensiveness? Just kind of acts as a social cue. I mean I know of pleanty of people who own trucks, and do so for legit reasons and so am not immediatly down on big truck owners, but truck nutz is just the way of saying to the world Hey! I'm an asshole look at me!" All the better to avoid you my dear.

these would look great on my neutered dachshund.

At first I wanted to group them in with other juvenile and low-grade humor, like whoopie cushions, but then I realized that whoopie cushions are actually kind of funny, while these are just stupid. Edgewood's probably right.

I say we chip in and buy some for in.dog. He can wear 'em around his neck, Flavor Flav style, at Geek Prom.

"Flesh" is probably the best color.

well...they say big truck driving posers are compensating for a lack of manhood...

..who do you big truck haters call when you need to move ?

Hey Da Doogla! You wanna help us move today?

i want the chrome plated set

Why aren't there any purple balls?

overcompensation - (psychiatry) an attempt to overcome a real or imagined defect or unwanted trait by overly exaggerating its opposite

The company that sells these also sells bumper stickers that read "Big Truck, Little Willy." So it seems like it's self-aware overcompensation.

I bet you the blue balls are a big seller...

we had a bunch of little (really little) rubber penis straw tops from a bachelorette (sp?) party sitting around our house, I almost epoxied one to the big ass truck's scrotum that used to park next to me almost every day. But, I am wussy and never did it... would have been funny to see the reaction tho.

Sorry Scotty, still in South Carolina for a few weeks, Have you licked all your new door knobs yet? very important

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