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Whats that spring in your step?

Why it's this new RUBBER SIDEWALK! Save trees, $ and the planet all at the same time!


First thing I thought of was lego's.

Do they make lego pavement? How cool would that be.

i once thought of building a house out of legos.

i knew a guy in Taos NM who lived in a house made of old tires, chicken wire and bottles all covered in concrete. It was a pretty cool pad huge molded concrete tub, thick walls...warm in the winter...looked like a pueblo...

I once blew up a whole Lego town with about 5000 firecrackers. It was awesome.


I bet these are a royal pain in the ass to shovel during winter

Gauntlet. Gauntlet. Gauntlet!

already posted here but...


I could use a rubber anything right about now.

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