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Want to make $100???

Lydia is having a party...for her and the other girls that came here a year ago with her from China. Baci and Patrice are hosting all the families here in Duluth next Saturday (Aug. 26th) at Layfette Square on Park Point. Well, we decided that we'd like to hire someone to help us with the food -- We'll plan and go buy all the stuff but having someone to "wrangle" it would be a geat stress relief. Interested? We got a crisp c-note with your name on it..cbacigalupo_at_gmail_dot_com.


That's the cutest photo.

i guess i don't really know ya'll, but if you haven't found any food help for next weekend, i'd be very interested and available..for a couple of hours for sure. I have mostly vegetarian experience and cooked at the co-op for about 4 1/2-5 years if that helps or hinders. A practicing Foodhist, for sure.
think it over and weigh yer options.

Thanks j-i-l-l-o!! We'll let you know tomorrow!!

I would have loved to have helped out, baci, but I am working all day. if anything comes along in the future...

Thanks for the offers and the kind thoughts all, Mr. and Mrs. Bergsven have graciously offered to help out!!

I once catered a party with Cheez Whiz and Saltines.



kids love jello!


Jello, is it me your looking for? Cause I wonder where you are, and I wonder what you do. Are you somewhere feeling lonely, or is someone loving you. Tell me how to win your heart for I haven't got a clue, but let me start by saying ... drunklet.

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