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Through the Viewfinder.

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I am obsessed with shooting through the viewfinder of my old Duaflex camera. There are many great examples of this technique on Flickr.

Isn't it about time for a Flickr photowalk?


Holy crap that's cool.
Thanks to Sjixxxy's post (http://www.perfectduluthday.com/2006/08/i_need_a_woodsmith.html#comments)
I dug out my box of old cameras and was wondering how to use them without setting up the whole darkroom and chemicals and junk. I've got 2 4x5 cameras that would cool to try this with.
Awhile ago, I found a site that showed how to hack a flatbed scanner and hook it to the back of an old view camera. That's waaaay more work than this. (Can't find the link right now.)

This is one of the greatest ideas ever. There's something about old-school photography that you just can't capture with digital or even modern-day film cameras. This doesn't quite do it either, but it's something entirely new and beautiful on its own.

Damn - I can't find the scanner camera link either, I think it's down.
I'm up for a Flickr walk!!!

I found that scanner photo bookmark, but it's dead now. it was:

I did a bit of digging, and came up with this... http://www.flickr.com/photos/tags/scannerphotography/... One or more of the posters give reference to the site that clumsy has posted... which gives a 403 forbidden error... perhaps when they undork the site, we can have a look?

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