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The State Champs rock the block today

Check out The State Champs this evening in Duluth on Superior Street near the Tech Center. 5pm to 7pm. They're gonna block the block so we can rock the rock!


Motherfuckin' State Champs on the motherfuckin' block.

(Is this the first local band to play these things?)

I dunno, are these guys local?

The Urban Hillbilly Quartet
Midnight Ride
Dazy Head Mazy
Umbrella Bed
The High Bridge Flyers

High Bridge Flyers are, I guess.

125 Bands sign up for Homegrown and the Greater Downtown Council asks (and pays) out of town bands to play their block rocking, community building, outdoor gigs?

This would be ________________________________.

Midnight Ride is also local.

I believe the word you're looking for is "Asinine," adam.

I was wondering about that myself. Nothing like supporting the local music scene by hiring a bunch of bands from out of town (the cities) that no one has heard of to play events centered on Duluth.

Okay, I've heard of Daisy Head Maisy. Infamous Bar Band from the Cities.

S'ok. We didn't play anyway. Too much weather. But, we did get paid, so that was nice! Best show ever!

I moved from Duluth soon after this last concert and after reading this I must say that it was the best decision I ever made. I am the former creator and developer of Rock the Block. I also organized Sidewalk Days for 2 years. thankless jobs. I want to explain why there are three out of town bands and three local bands. Duluth unfortunately wraps itself in a bubble. If you had bothered to go to the concerts you would realize that each band played a different sort of music. Umbrella Bed is a ska band. Sorry but I couldn't locate any established ska bands in duluth. Dazy Head Mazy is pop faire and lord knows no decent Duluth band would play pop crap. Urban Hillbilly quartet is bluegrass, I'm sorry but I could not afford Trampled by Turtles asking price on my meager budget that I raised for the series, other that that all the other local bluegrass bands that i found did not fit the venue. The other three were local as were six out of the seven bands that I hired for the classic cars show during sidewalk days. Then there is always the sidewalk days stage which showcases small acts of local talent.

Put that in your pipe an smoke it. I've moved from duluth and now I don't have to listen to the costant naysayers and bitching, I make triple what I made in duluth, and the work that I am doing is embraced rather than nit picked. I am so glad that I joined the ranks of other young intelligent people that have fled Duluth and am putting my talent and energy elseware.

Also the greater downtown council is a proud sponsor of Homegrown, which believe it or not I make a point to go to every year so I can support Duluth's music scene.

kiss my ass, it feels so good to say what I really think:).

Too bad you had to move away before you grew a spine. Maybe you could have made a more positive change if you stuck around. It's good to hear you're getting paid instead of just doing a job because you love it and want to help the local art scene. Next time you're in town for Homegrown, please bring some of your millionaire bucks and help pay the bands!

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