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The Duluth Police Have A Secret Stash

From the Trib:

"...Goerdt also uncovered a dozen marijuana plants growing in western Duluth.

The pot wasn't growing off an ATV trail. And she didn't find it in the woods.

Goerdt found the marijuana growing in a planter near the front door of the West Duluth police substation.

You might say she was paying attention."

Linky goodness.


When that assignment was over, Goerdt returned to the police station and took a walk around the building. She found the marijuana plants. Although she said she didn't know that they were marijuana plants.

She plucked one of the leaves and brought it back to the newspaper. "I needed some evidence," she said. "I didn't know if anyone would believe me. I didn't think it was a big deal. I just thought it was rather amusing."

She didn't know what they were. Yeah, right.

growing pot outside of a police building. that's pretty normal.

the other great DNT article was today's little shitstorm that the city counselor who has lead the charge against the mayor has been sleeping with one of the major benifactors of the council's largess.

Wow-- that Tim Little thing is a sordid tale. It appears to be far more questionable than the Mayor's behavior.

the tim little extravaganza is a joy to read. unfortunately probably nothing will happen to little; in fact the citizen's blog is campaigning for him to run for mayor. bunch of einsteins, that lot.

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