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Wednesdays at the Red Star w/ Oberg, Vincent Cadillac, myself and the closest thing you can get to legal absinthe in the States. 11pm. Wear a suit.


Sorry to be naive, but what kind of music do you guys play. Is it all one guitar one guy bands?

i don't know who Vincent Cadillac is, but i'm pretty sure that Oberg and Adam don't play instruments or sing. they stand around in their suits and look pretty, green fairy drinks in hand.

...and a free drink to the lady in the corner.

Play? Mayhap you mean playa? What do I look like, a banjoinator? No, really--do I? A banjo'd go sweeet with the suit and everything; I'd just have to figure out how to hold it smoove and where to set my drink on it.

Now, let's just hold on one goddamn second:

First, I'm a perfectly good singer if you turn the reverb way the fuck up, just not in public. Second, I'm a perfectly awful player of many musical instruments, just not, thankfully, in public. Third, I do look pretty with my suit on, don't I? But, that drink--Pernod in this case-- is yellow madam (the real stuff being illegal and all), so please, get your facts straight.

so mark..is that an inference that you WILL be singing...?

if so, I'll be sure to bring enough earplugs for everyone...

KIDDING!!! kidding...i kid because I love...

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