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Seeking Gram Parsons Fans


I've been asked to get the word out to local musicians about an upcoming Gram Parsons tribute show that's in the works. It's tentatively scheduled at Amazing Grace on Sunday, Nov. 5th. If you wanna participate, get in touch with Terry McCarthy at [email protected]


i'm down with checking out a duluth does parsons thing...

Whoever does "Love Hurts" better do a kick-ass version. Or maybe that song should be laid to rest.
I think C-Freaks band should do "Honkey Tonk Women."
Why don't I know any Gram Parsons' tunes that were actually made famous by Gram Parsons?

hey folks.

here is a new fan site for gram parsons
in duluth...

all are welcome to instigate the festivies on nov 5th...
see you there.

hey folks:

there is a sign up list for
the big tado on the 5th....

goto: http://www.graminduluth.ozone914.com/

thats so you can pick a song youd like to do and request additional band members and instuments

we'd be glad to seeya there!

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