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Puffs, Pebbles, or Krispies?

cocoapuffs.jpgcocoapebbles.jpg> cocoakrispies.jpg


Personally I prefer Pebbles - they're chocogasmic. I wonder what would happen if you combined all three in a cereal bowl and swamped them in chocolate milk. Probably start a runaway nuclear chain reaction...(or a fashionable trend!)

Berv, you liberal twit. Everyone knows Krispies kick Puffs ass. Why do you hate America so much?

It must be our freedom you despise. Our freedom to enjoy crispy cereals so much we have to spell the names with a K.

Puffs are for puffy gay-boys like you who want to marry other men and dishonor God.

I'm surprised you even included Cocoa Pebbles in the options. Seems to me like you're more into FRUITY Pebbles.

(Excuse me, I thought I was Stephen Colbert for a moment there.)

a wise moto for life... always go with the monkey (or chimp in this case I guess)

geeze..cocoa puffs, cocoa krispies, cocoa pebbles. You must be one rich grad student, Berv.

I buy the cocoa dyno-bites:

I used to love King Vitamin and Quisp.

I still mourn the passing of Unfrosted Brown Sugar Cinnamon Pop Tarts. The frosted ones are just not the same.

I'm pretty sure all three are considered gateway drugs. In spite of a superficial resemblance, they are not created equal.

Puffs are where many youngsters start out, thanks to pervasive Saturday morning TV ads. However, the corn-based delivery device soon becomes a tongue abrading nuisance. The coarse nature of the round puff demands to be chewed thoroughly, thereby slowing the cocoa absorption rate. Coo-coo or not, Puffs rank a distant third.

Next we have Krispies. The use of a real live chimpanzee spokescharacter, while initialy charming, invokes an image of a dark underworld of scientific testing. Add to that the unexplained shiny coating and we have a loser. No thanks.

Finally, Cocoa Pebbles. Here we find the chocolate breakfast dream fully realized. To get any closer to choco-nirvana you'd have to eat a bowl of M&M's with hot fudge topping. The scalp tingling rush is beyond compare. After about the fourth bowl, I can see tommorow's headlines on the back of the box. Rated: five out of five cocoa beans.

now here's a topic I can really get into!

Cereal! Nature's most perfect food...

Personally, I'm a mini wheat/shredded wheat/cheerio/chex kinda guy...

I loved Grape Nuts when I was a kid...

Though I'll always have a soft spot for the Original Count Chocula.

In winter (and pretty much any time when it's not a sauna in the kitchen) I enjoy a big bowl of Bob's Red Mill Steel Cut or Scottish Oats.

Paul, your recent suspicious actions lead me to tonight's word:

cereal killa

Purple, yes thank you I AM in fact a wealthy grad student. Wealthy enough to buy and sell each one of you. AND have enough left over for a half a tank of gas.

PJ, you absolutely nailed it!

And In.dog, Normally I'm a healthy cereal eater too, but then sometimes I JUST FRICKIN' SNAP, and gotta binge on choco-goodness.

cereal killa...isn't that a Green Jelly (Jello) tune?

Follow his nose...
It always knows...
The smell of death...
Wherever he goes!
Toucan Son Of Sam!
Toucan Son Of Sam!
Toucan Son Of Sam!

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