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sex... terror... sex... terror

I’m sure people are aware that the Plan B contraceptive was just approved for over the counter sale.

So, I woke up this morning and the DNT headlines scream “Northland Divided Over Plan B” (paraphrasing). Seems “abortion rights” groups hail it as a benefit to women’s health, and “abortion foes” see it as an invitation to promiscuity.

Now see this is why I want to slap every third person I meet. 1.) This isn’t an abortion issue, it is last minute contraception. And 2) I guess this confirms it once and for all eh? People are afraid of sex. Invitation to promiscuity? Give me a break, outside of non-consensual contact there are only two legit physical reasons not to have sex, pregnancy and illness . Plan B is not designed for everyday use, but it will dramatically reduce the fear of unwanted pregnancy. Big yay for that. Adults can have that much more control over their sex lives +++. And teen sex? Guess what, it happens and will continue to happen. If you want to minimize risks, be involved in raising your kids, teach them to use condoms, and be responsible. And… oh my… this will help against that dreaded teen pregnancy won’t it? Guess people will have to find a different scapegoat other then those unwed teen moms, how will we ever be able to instantly judge the morals of girls if they can have sex AND not have children!!! OMFG. Lord knows we don’t seem to have difficulty in finding new ways to be judgmental and critical of one another, so I’m sure equilibrium will be restored soon enough

Footnotes: (1-There may be many legit mental, social and religious reasons dependant on circumstances.
2- I am aware there are sometimes physical defects that may make sex painful or impossible, but this is a rare thing and other than noting it does not apply)


What drives me insane is the "controversy" over the new HPV vaccine. Somehow preventing cervical cancer is not a noble effort in some people's eyes and they believe the vaccine should be illegal. Why? That same old "invitation to promiscuity" routine.

After all, cancer is one of many of God's punishments for those who have premarital sex.

Mind you, preventing a baby from being made is now considered abortion; any sex that is not baby-makin™ approved is abortion.

And for the record, I invite promiscuity.

Well, there is

plan A: The lord.


plan B: The Devil

...really Why don't these information bigots let their children protect themselves. This is ridiculous.

Jesus would have handed out condoms.

Hey I've got $100 for anyone that will paint me a 3 ft x 5 ft painting of Jesus handing out condoms (i'll even pay for all of the materials).

Dumb people are confused about the difference between Plan B and RU-486.
Why do those dumb people know what voting booths are?

Great post.

Typing Plan B into Technorati leads to several outrageous posts (but also led me to your site.)

The ignorance that surrounds our Nation is something else.

So many people have no idea what Plan B is, not to mention that they have no idea the controversy surrounding this extremely important medication.

Plan B is birth control - not abortion, not RU486, not a straight to hell pill.

I really appreciate the title of your post and the extreme impact of what the title says.

You are absolutely correct. Thank you.

mev...i may have your candidate for that painting...

the same group of people who believe the "Plan B" pill is abortion are the very same ones who've been brainwashed into believing that *Abstinance Only* education really works.

Hello, folks, It's been well-documented that in depreseed areas abstinance only DOESN'T work...in fact, the rate of teen pregnancies has increased dramatically because the use of contraception is either discouraged OR not talked about.

Pepole are going to have sex...teens are going to have sex...you can't change that part of human nature (something like 80% of abstinance pledges they make teens sign are broken within the first year...)...anyone who thinks so is fooling themselves and setting themselves up for grandparenthood far sooner than they expect.

Why not teach responsibility? Why not teach both? "We'd really like it if you didn't have sex, but if you do (and we know you will...) please use protection..."

Funny, I can remember when the issue of sex ed in school was a hot button topic...and almost didn't happen. Now, teachers are EXPECTED to teach their students about it, instead of the parents...IMO, it should be the parents' responsibility regardless...

thanks for bringing this up edgie...


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