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There is not many more things more fustrating than having to replace the major insides of your computer, and doing it yourself.


cars are more frustrating.

and maybe plumbing.

I actually enjoy it.. must be the nerd in me.

Geek. I meant geek.

I've always found that replacing the major insides of people is taxing. Not only are the bits all squishy, but the supply-side of the equation can be such a chore...

hey, it's Jadin...

hey jadin...


I'm more frustrated about changing the insides of my turkey.

talk about frustrating!!
suffering from a broken heart is harder to fix. Getting broken up over the telephone on a thursday night at two in the morning then finding out the ENTIRE town already knows by Friday..
That's smashed to pieces!!
Never seeing the man you love face to face so that you can get answers??

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