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John, Lilo and I are coming home August 7-10 to do some wedding stuff and need a place to stay. It seems like my dad has other company and we don't want to intrude. Any thoughts on cheap, dog friendly hotels? I would also love to hear about any fun shows happening while we are in town.


Inn on Lake Superior has dog rooms - but I don't know about cheap.

I think the Lakewalk Inn takes pets.

I wish we could host you at the Gay Frame but we will just be moving in. Try the Voyageur Lakewalk Inn, they might allow dogs.

My friend saw a sign in a hotel that welcomed dogs which said, "Don't leave your dog in the room unattended because THEY PISS ALL OVER THE PLACE!"

True story.

ended up working things out so we are staying at my dad's. thanks for the suggestions thought

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