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Party Saturday

Badminton begins @ 2pm at the Gonzo Science manse and grounds, keg provided courtesy of the Transistor. After dark we will be projecting animation on the side of the little old lady's house across the street. Bring badminton racquets/birdies/h'ors d'oerves/more beer if you want (none of that required duh). See you there. Somebody be sure and tell Dana C. and Devin the Scotsman. Thank you ~


any chance of revealing the specific location for those who missed the previous event?

Oh right, "no weirdos"

OK, no weirdos. But what about freakazoids and gooberheads?

We're prepared to admit tweakers and freakers on two conditions-

A. Subject expresses ability and enthuthiasm in the matter of drinking beer

B. Subject demonstrates panache on the baddy court. Some exceptions can be made as long as subject is able to produce stream of irreverent wisecracks.

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