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Paradise on the Dashboard



I found these two cars parked within about 50 feet of each other. I wonder if the owners will ever meet and find romance. (Or maybe they'd clash.)

Anyway, which do you find more stylin'?


Without question... The pebbles. They are pebbles, aren't they? On the other hand... if they are some weird sort of nut/shell remnant, I withdrawl my answer. Yellow shag? Dust breeder. Rocks? Lake Superior cool.

i'm going to have to go shag on this one. the rocks look like somebody spilled the cereal.

I wonder if the shag comes to life at night.

I wonder if the rocks are hot glue gunned into the dash, or fly about when the car is in motion.

I also wonder why Paul is peeping into other's cars....that peeping Paul...

The Fred Flintstone dash is like a zen garden on wheels. A bonsai cedar tree growing out of a defroster vent would be a nice touch. Ah, very peaceful.

All bets are off if the passenger-side airbag deploys. In that event, I'd rather have a face full of chartreuse fun fur.

I once put flowery contact paper on the dash of a friend's kick-ass Firebird.


This is my last twart, just wanted to make it a non cake walk, good luck


matchmaker matchmaker make me a match...

gauntlet...gauntlet...aaannnddd gauntlet...

Vicarious, I would have thwarted you, but I forgot my login name. But now I'm just one-upping your sorry ass.


Thwart thwart let a fwart and blew it all apwart.

Didn't I already drunklet this?

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