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My son is from an alternate universe

Today’s mom-and-son morning banter:

Purple: “We need to comb your hair because it’s sticking straight up in the back; you look like a rooster.”

LP: “No I don’t. I look geeky.”
Purple: “You’ll still look geeky after we comb it.”

(Combing of hair happens)

LP: “Now I don’t look geeky AT ALL!!!”
(Stomps to couch where he sits and sulks)

LP: “You’ll never let me be a geek, dork or dweeb!!”


What a geek. :)

tell him he's a nerd ..

Funny, but it's the exact opposite at my house with me and a 14 year old girl.

Let him know if you are truly geeky, it will shine through, no matter what your hair says about you.

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