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Milestone Missed


When you have a digital odometer, it's not as much fun to hit the 100,000-mile mark. Still, I was looking forward to it.

Then, the weekend got busy with Hairball concerts and time capsule openings and whatnot, and the next thing I knew, I had missed my car's milestone moment.

Share my pain, PDD. Share my pain.


Make sure a copy of that photo is in the next time capsule.

Wow. That sucks... it is one of those moments... like watching the new year roll over on your first ever digital wrist watch. Funny tho... as my car turned 100k this past weekend... I was driving North to the SHT... just as I was rolling past Knife River... Sorry you missed yours... hopefully the car will forgive you?

I'm surprised an automobile this advanced doesn't actually speak to you when you hit the milestone. Something like:

"Congratulations driver from the future! Come see your friendly Ford dealer for the required scheduled maintenance or check out the lastest offerings from our Merkur division."

Does this car have those motorized seat belts too? What a golden age.

I should point out that when I hit the 100,000 mile mark on the car I had in college, I was doing laps around the Superior Speedway.

That was awesome. There was no one there and they just left the racetrack wide open for anyone to drive on to.

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