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Just a Wesley Crusher....

If you haven't been paying attention, ST:TNG teen heartthrob Wil Wheaton has grown up and started writing, playing poker and well, being an all-around geek. I thought it would be a lot of fun to have Wil come and read from his novel "Just A Geek," so I invited him.

Now, to get him here, it's up to all of you to help vote - the more interest he sees, the more likely he will come. So Go sign up and vote! You know you want to....


AWESOME!! Still think of him as "Stand by Me" kid. BTW, that's the movie I saw on my first date.

I voted. Lundgren, we should get him here and tie it into Geek Prom (yea, I know; I'd be in charge of that).

Voted and accounted for. Aye!

It was the sight of geeky old Ensign Crusher mackin' on the Princess from Oruthon Beta that gave me the nerve to ask Darci, a beautiful cheerleader in my school, out to a dance.

She turned me down. I was very angry at her until...well, until college, actually.

It has a happy ending though: Darci asked me to sign her yearbook and next to her picture (not mine) I wrote: "Mr. Worf, prepare to fire."

There's also a They Might Be Giants demand:

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