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Job posting

Director of Religious Education - First Unitarian Church, Duluth Minnesota.

This is currently a part time position with potential for growth as we break ground and prepare to move into our new home.
o Recruit, orient, and support volunteers, teachers and day-care providers.
o Coordinate and develop curriculum.
o Plan special events.
o Attend meetings of the Religious Education Committee.

Experience, Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities
-Degree in education or experience working with children.
-Basic knowledge of Unitarian Universalist curricula.
-Organizational, communication, and volunteer management skills.
-Comfort with a wide variety of religious views, initiative and ability to encourage others.

Compensation: This is a salaried position with benefits.
Contact: Personnel Committee
c/o First Unitarian Church
145 West Winona Street
Duluth, MN, 55803
Resumes must be received by August 25th.


yeah...I'm so not qualified to do any of that.

Up until "Basic knowledge of Unitarian Universalist curricula," I was so down to be a Dictator of Religious... oh, crap. Nevermind.

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