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It's a Moving Party!


In 30 minutes or so V-NIck and I will be taking possession of a lovely new home. At noon we are picking up a 14' moving van and we were wondering if any of you PDD'ers would like to give a helping hand around 5pm today. We should have a lions share of the work done by then but we could use some help with the furniture and such. Some sort of food and beer bribe will be offered. Plus you get an early preview of the new home and VIP status at the house warming party. We will be at 1217 E 5th St at 5pm and if we are not there just head up the hill 2 blocks to 1201 E 7th St.

OK, now we are off to sign our names a 100 times!


I've got a meeting tonight, and don't know how much help the kid & I would be anyway. Still, we may stop by and see if we can offer any help.

That view = swoon.

Congrats on the new digs--if I were in town, I'd help (as long as this nice cool weather held out, at least).

Yeeaahh!!! I'm so happy for you guys. Don't know if I'll be able to help you move or not but seeing as how I'm kind of on the route.... I'll see if Nellie has other plans. BTW, have you found a renter for your old abode yet? I may know someone who would be interested.

Sorry I can't be at the move tonight. Have fun! I hope to visit sometime.

This is such a great place. I want to stay in Duluth just so I can get a place like this. Perfect. I would be so happy here.

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