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I Need a Woodsmith

My beloved Speed Graphic is in need of a new lens board or four. They are incredibly simple to make for anyone with basic woodworking skills & tools. I've made them in the past when I've had access to nice table saws and such that are equipment with guides and whatnot, but have recently come to terms with the fact that I am completely inept with the hand tools I have available, and don't want to buy anything fancy for one little project. For someone with the materials, tools and/or skill, they shouldn't take more then an hour of your time build.

The blueprints are here (See, I said they're simple), and would be willing to exchange several of them for maybe some of my prints, or a few government issued George Washington portraits.


I think I could help. I have the tools, but I don't know if I have any 1/8 " plywood.
How big and where is the hole?


Cool camera. I have a 4x5 that I've used a couple of times, but it was such an ordeal to develop the film. Glad to see someone still has the patience to play with one like that. Since going digital, I've never looked back. Maybe I should.

Can you take a picture of the gauntlet?

Anyway, gauntlet accomplished.

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