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Hazel's Celebrity Look-Alikes

So... a friend sent me this site: My Heritage and although you have to register to use it (it's free) they have this awesome celebrity face recognition fun thing where you upload a picture of yourself and it tells you what celebrities you look the most like... so I uploaded Hazel's picture and here is the result:

Click here to create your own Celebrity Collage on MyHeritage<br />
 - best site for your family tree and photos

I think she's destined to be a musician, what do you think?


In my defense, I did pick a rather bad photo of me (squinting into the sun after hiking at Hawk Ridge), but damn!
Celebrety look-alikes:
Howard Dean
Billy Bob Thornton
Ayn Rand
Peter Ustinov
Frankie Muniz
Margaret Thatcher

Holy Shite! I'm going to take a sawblade to my face now thank you very much!

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