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"Have you ever considered shooting Franklin Roosevelt?"


um, Isn't he already dead?

That's just one of the many lines of dialogue in the next Renegade Comedy Theatre production...Assassins!

This 2004 Tony Award winning musical by Stephen Sondheim is a funny, touching, dark, disturbing look at the small group of troubled individuals who have tried to assassinate the President of the United States over the years.

WARNING:  There is adult language and live gunshots in this production.

Call (218) 722-6775 for tickets and more info.

All performances start at 7:30pm at the Play Ground Theater in the Tech Village Building.

Oh my gosh, I've wanted to see this ever since I read what Sarah Vowell wrote about it (in her Assassination Vacation book that came out a year or two ago). Awesome!

Sarah Vowell makes my geek heart skip a beat.

sarah vowell is an Okie from Muskogee...

wonder if she's proud of that?

well, she's never dropped then.

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