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Have they ever seen the show?

Zephram Cochrane's from Colorado? Okay, fine.

The UFP Arrowhead insignia on a pre-NCC-1701 interstellar probe? I guess.

NX-01? Apologies, excuses, and a bikini-clad Vulcan.


This is asking too much.


I... I... I'm literally trembling with rage and fear... almost. It's a kind of nerd rage and dweeb fear.

(For the uninitiated, the latest entry in the ongoing and calculated destruction of the Star Trek franchise posits that Kirk and Spock meet at Starfleet Academy... and presumably have all sorts of crazy adventures. Though much of the cannon considers that Spock was the science officer under Captain Pike and possibly even Captain April, and that Spock and Captain Kirk did not meet until Kirk assumed command of the Enterprise.)


well... that's pretty sucky. just brings to mind all that Kirk/Spock slash fic

spock and kirk had to play the "oh-i've-never-met-you-before-you-took-command-of-this-ship" hand so the rest of the crew would be at ease. because they had hot, stoic sex at the academy. even in the future, a love like theirs could never last in the space- navy.

The Wikipedia entry indicates there is a lot of speculation, but nothing but rumors as to what the plot of Star Trek XI will be. There seems to be merit to the rumored casting of Matt Damon as young Kirk, but for all we know that could be a cameo.

Oh, and the more bikini clad vulcans the better. Va va voom! I mean, I'm not THAT geeky.

No... That's true. Vulcans in bikinis as quite a redemptive value.

But what cost our souls?

Stupid question: Vulcans in bikinis, clearly, or that at least look good in one (and she did).

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