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Hall of Mayors on the wall, who's the fairest to grace City Hall?


Ben Boo. No contest.


How can someone who looks so distinguished have a name like "Ben Boo"?

He holds a pipe, that's how, Purple. Holding a pipe makes up for a lot.

So did his campaign signs say "Boo's Your Neighbor!"

rick boo & i were just at city hall 2 weeks ago admiring his father's portrait. we had to sneak thru caution tape as the ceiling was falling down in that area.

MAN...that damn near sucks worse than my last name. I can only hope 1) That Rick Boo turned into a fine, upstanding man and 2) He graduated High School early enough to avoid "Boo's your daddy?"

Not sure about (1), but can confirm (2)--"Boo's yo' daddy" is like 1998. I think it shared the same cell with "show me the money."

I dont have a camera now but theres a couple of other ex-mayors who "rate".

As a metter of fact, I've always wanted to do some sort of comedy video thing with those pictures...

BTW -- Ben's pipe is actually overwhelmed by his suit, which doesn't come through on paul's pic.

I'd like to make a gauntlet pillow with Herb Bregson's chest hair.

That's right. I said "gauntlet pillow".

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