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Why is it that Subway restaurant employees have stopped asking people if they want their sandwiches "for here" or "to go"? They don't even have trays at Subway anymore. All sandwiches are prepared to go, which means they wrap them in paper and shove them in a plastic bag.

You take the bag from them, walk four feet away to a table, remove the sandwich and eat it, then throw the bag away.

Sure, you can tell them not to put it in a bag, but the majority of people don't. I often don't because I forget until its too late. Besides, you shouldn't have to keep them from being wasteful. It should be up to the company to be responsible citizens, not its patrons.


I was quite annoyed with this when it happen as well. i suspect that it was a cost cutting measure. By not having trays they don't have to wash them, and the resulting savings in hot water more than ballances out the cost of the multitude of sealife stranguling plastic bags.

or so I think,

I hadn't noticed. I always get mine to go.

What would cost even less is if they simply asked you if you needed a bag or not. A lot of people would then say no.

Erbert & Gerbert's doesn't have trays either, but they ask if you need a bag.

Once I told the kid working at the Subway in the Holiday Center that I didn't need a bag, but he wouldn't let me have the sandwich without one. He said he was required to give me the bag for logo/advertising purposes. It was an argument I could see I wasn't going to win, so I took the food, turned, walked about three feet to the trash, threw the bag away, and sat down to eat my sandwich. What a waste, though the programmed drone working there saddened me more.

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