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Fight for Net Neutrality!

Leslie Hall, Peter Pan, and Tron Guy (and a few more) singing together for net neutrality!
Star Wars Kid however was conspicuously absent...


Leslie didn't do the cabbage patch. i'm kind of disappointed.

perfect! i'm trying to get leslie up here for a show.

I want to marry Leslie Hall. Not the actual Leslie Hall, but a computerized version of her, ala Max Headroom.

i heart leslie hall! if you need a band opener, let me know. this is amy a. of the state champs by the way.

farewell/leslie hall?!? in some sick way, I like her music.

I could see that happening...I might even enjoy it...

farewell? dammit...wishful thinking...state champs/leslie hall...i'm such a dork.

Let's hear it for dweebs keeping the internet safe for nerdkind! Woot!

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