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duluth/superior glbtqai pride starts tonight


mayor's reception & art show: unapologetic
depot great hall
5-8 pm
cash bar
2 free drink tickets & apps while they last
music by the very people

check pdd calender or www.dspride.com for full weekend schedule


forgive my ignorance, but there are a few more letters now than the last time i checked. what do the "q", "a", and "i" stand for?

Allied (or Ally)

I heard that Mayor Herb Bergson had to apologize and shutdown the "Unapologetic" Art Show tonight. I was told it was for being too risque. Can anyone shed any light on why I couldn't go view my friend's artwork tonight?

Yup. Turns out the mayor cast a shameful eye upon the community tonight, creating quite a disappointment for me. I had growing respect for the man and everything...
The doors were locked tight, nary a soul able to step inside to see what looks like an absolutely kick-ass show. The final word is...you guessed it:
The Kids.
Herb the Berg (Iceberg) thought that some of the show was too racy for the already tainted youth of america. apparently, anatomy is taboo these days. the art institute, falling on its sword even to do this, put up disclaimer signs at the entrances of the show about the mature nature of the show, but I guess it wasn't enough. I think the piece most tsk-ed at was a hand-carved wooden strap-on. it looked really quite lovely...through the verboten locked glass doors of the DAI, that is.
What an insult. What a disappointment. 'Best Small Town Pride Festival" with a jackass major who decides to betray everyone at the last moment. I'm really surprised there was no collective protest. I'm sure this juicy little gem will make itself into the papers soon. Herb isn't up for re-election, so I guess he has decided to let his true colors shine....and it ain't no fucking rainbow, kids.

The shut down was just for the "mayor's reception". It's is open today and will be on display until the 8th.
Got a chance to see last night. It was open, then closed, then things were wrapped in black plastic that were considered "offensive", then closed for the evening.
Interesting, provacative, but not in the least as upsetting as Lance Reasor stated.

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