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Computer Stuff Must Go

I have a box full of computer software and hardware that I need to ditch. Where is a good place to dump this stuff? Preferbly for recycling, but I could do the safely disposing thing as well.

As an added bonus, here is something for the folks with a freaky fetish about Japenese culture.


You have to take it to Lifecyclers in West Duluth or to the WLSSD site out by the airport.
And yes, it'll cost you to dispose of the hardware.

If any of it works, you could try giving it away on Freecycle:

You don't happen to have an old windows version of Quicken, do ya?

Last time I had a bunch of old computer stuff to get rid of, I ended up putting it out on the curb with a big free sign next to it. It was all gone within an hour- it's amazing what people will take. Of course it was all in working condition, so it was of interest to somebody.

The only drawback to that method is that you're not guaranteed that whoever picks it won't just dump it somewhere later, and that's no good.

You could also try advertising it on craigslist.

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