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Coming to an Art Institute Near You....

So it's not until October, but it's the first day in October and it's really exciting so I'm posting it now for the sake of your calendars and I'll certainly post it later....


October 1, 2006
Duluth Art Institute's Lincoln Park Building
Time: TBA


CALVIN JOHNSON (beat happening/K records founder)


PHIL ELVERUM (the microphones/mt. eerie)

in somewhat related news
Adrian Orange/Thanksgiving is coming back to town on October 14th.
He'll be playing in our livingroom again and you should all come over.


go to this. what an oddly charismatic musician. when calvin came to the MAC a couple years back i went not knowing too much about him. then he started playing and i thought, "hey...i know these songs." then, "hey...i LIKE these songs." if you're not a huge fan, you'll be suprised at how many mixed tapes you have you didn't realize he is on. you will leave a fan, or realize you already were one.


All I can say is, mint.

Who sets up these things? I mean, how do two very cultish indie artists end up playing at the DAI Lincoln Park venue? Really, I want to know.

Don't knock the DAI lincoln park venue. The building is "mint" and although I've never heard anyone sing there, the sounds of children doing art projects are always amplified in that venue. Besides, it's just a few blocks from me.

And seeing bands in Maria's living room is quite the experience.

Calvin's show at the Mac was fun, no amplification!

Not knocking, just curous about how connection are made.

"i" and "S".

how this thing happened:
so, I'll try and make the long story short...
2 years ago I was staying with my dear friend Melissa out in California for a month. During that time we went to see Mt. Eerie, Thanksgiving and Woelv (all 3 bands featuring just one person) and their truck had broken down in the desert and they asked the audience if anyone could give them a ride out to the desert to retrieve their truck. I had nothing better to do and Melissa's friend dropped out of photo school the day before so we raised our hands, they stayed at Melissa's apartment and we took off for the desert the next day. The truck wasn't ready yet so we drove them to their show at U.C.L.A and then it was Phil's birthday and then it was another day and then they dropped me off in Ventura and I've been pen pals with "woelv" (genevieve elverum) eversince and "thanksgiving" (Adrian Orange) has come to Duluth every Fall since then.

a week or 2 ago Phil emailed me asking if I could set up a show in Duluth and that he'd be touring with Calvin and that they wanted to play an all ages venue. As we're all well aware, Duluth is severely lacking in such things these days (which is why we end up with shows in our living room) and then while trying to think of alternative places to have the show I thought of the Lincoln Park building and how they're always trying to get people there and how it's an amazing building and more people should go inside it.

the end.

I am fulfilled. Thank you.

Having people like Maria who arrange and set up great shows is far more important than having established venues. It's also a lot more fun to see a show in a living room or in a nontraditional space, in my opinion. I love this city.

Calvin's show at the MAC is legendary to the 15 people who were there. I'll never forget it and I hope I can make it to this one.

A big Huzzah to Maria for pulling this together. I'm fairly new to the area so could you keep me posted on the when and where of the Thanksgiving show? Thanks

thank you for kind words, and I really hope that everyone can come. these things aren't nearly as much fun without people there to share them with.
and there will definitely be more info on the thanksgiving show once it draws closer.

hi Maria!

(i tried messaging you on myspace too.)

i'm Lars RO of the band sfu*ma*to - can we open for Phil & Calvin there in Duluth?

i tried to set something up with Phil last time i was $tate$ide but it didn't work out. and he seems to just get better & better...

i'm playing in Kalamazoo MI on the 29th, so getting there for the 1st should work.

thanks in advance, looking forward to playing Duluth for the first time insh'Allah,


Maria? are you around? (or does anyone know how i can contact her?)

Lars RO again. turns out i'm playing Kalamazoo the 30th, so i need to play there early & leave early in order to get a Greyhound to Duluth in time for the show. so please let me know as soon as you can if i can play so i can warn the Kalamazoo-heads.

(opening up for Adrian Thanksgiving in Iowa a week later! yahoo!)

muchos gracias,


if you haven't found her yet, try maria.suz at gmail.com.

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