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Bloody Art?

Have you ever been to the Gas Light Fine Bar and Cocktail Room in Sandstone? It is housed within a cool little ... get this ... *sandstone* building ... it used to be the old bank... and has very interesting and peculiar insides... including the patrons. On this first trip... after hiking at Banning State Park... We ran into this guy... making an entire row of Bloody Mary's... now I am not an expert on the Bloody's... however, this guy appeared to have it down to an art. Fun to watch... I wonder what they taste like? I had the Guinness on tap.


Bloody Art at the Gas Light. Sandstone, MN.


I have drank at the Gaslight. However, since I was driving, I only drank beer. (Another lifetime ago...) I don't remember who I saw playing but the band was happening.

Sometime we should take a PDD roadtrip to Concert In The Quarry down there....

There are two schools of thought regarding Bloody Marys : Lots of "food" or lack of "food." I think I subscribe to both.

Four shrimp?! Wow.

Three schools of thought: salmonella.

I love that bar. I played there many-a-time with the Kettle River Trio.

Is the water garden still on the back patio?

I remember I always drank Anchor Steams and just hoped that the money we made would cover the bar tab.

It is a place worth going to.

Molly coopers over in Ashcan... er Ashland use to have some good Bloody Marys, it was a meal-in-a-glass and tasty. Haven't been in quite awhile tho...

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