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Art show?

So, I've been thinking. There are a lot of photographers here, of different intensities. Who would be interested in a group show? I'm thinking as many people as possible, subject matter is open, but severely limited in piece size (that's the hook, so to speak) so, dependant on number of group members you/we could have many many pieces but each would be no bigger than ...? 2x3? 4x5?
The idea being that one could cover entire wall(s) in lots of images.

Now, of course I don't have a venue, but if enough people are interested I could start digging for one.

I would hope and desire that people from all levels of picture taking would participate.

Ideally I'm thinkin' 10+ people but would consider 8 a minimal point to start with.

So… if you are interested say so below, or drop me a line at edgeways(at)gmail(dot)com.

Oh, and if any of you have suggestions as to which venues may be good to scope out (if this happens) for this I’d appreciate suggestions as well.


I'm down. I like teh small print idea, I love making small prints anyways.

excellent idea, I'd like to contribute. Will there be lasers? (sorry, Pink Floyd is on PBS right now)

Sure. Sounds fun.
I wonder if the venue could be an empty storefront window downtown? Put them inside the window looking out at the street.

That's kind of a cool idea clumsy, the only downsides I can think of are 1) it would mean that all images would have to be very public safe, and the direcet sunlight issue may cause fading... but, in general I likes the idea. So, I've heard from 4 (+me, makes 5) only 3 more and it's an official project.

i guess i'd be willing to participate... i don't know how good i am but if it makes it happen, i'll certainly contribute what i consider my best.

ooooh. i'm in!

These guys are the dope shit. They do a fantastic job of the upload-yer-shit-and-we'll-UPS-it-tomorrow. For cheap, too.

Yeah, that's who I use (thank you Starfire), I've been impressed by their service/quality

Yes, a photo show would be great! I am interested in participating/assisting with formulating a proposal for an exhibition of local photographers. The Duluth Art Institute is accepting proposals for 2007-2008. Along with providing a space, the Art Institute also provides advertising. Why not do it up?

edgeways can email me at: [email protected] if interested

In response to the White House Custom Colour link. (and not intending to sound like a commercial) The Art Institute has a digital lab avalible to rent with an Epson 2200 printer (a bit outdated but not bad)for $10 a hour. Ink and paper are included in the price (unless you want to use some fancy paper -you have to provide that) The cost works out to be far less than sending it out to a printer. Call 733-7560 if interested and ask for Amy

ok, I'm going to set up a google group so I/we can talk to one another easily.
Sjixxxy, can you send me your email address?

bah, finally if you didn't get an email today about this topic let me know.

webmaster(AT)six-something(dot)org works.

Hey,sounds like a great way to bust my cherry photo art wise that is.

My friend Tamera told me about the possible photography show, and this site. I`d love to `show my stuff`! Great idea!

I'd be interested, although I cringe at small prints...

I, too, would be interested in being involved. Thanks!

I think we are near the limit now, so with these last two I am going to close "registration", jadin and xpat I'll send you an email later with a google groups invite.

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