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Antiques Roadshow: Duluth Heights


While poking around in my fireplace trap, I found this can of 3.2% Fitger's Beer. Does anyone know when this was made? What about insurance value? The condition is probably 7 out of 10.


Probably 1950's. Probably won't make your insurance premiums go up. Neat find.



Their were several cone top Fitger cans listed on Ebay

Wow, neato! :+)

I'm guessing the early 60's.
Since Fitger's beer did stop brewing just after Probation.
There was a can very similar at my parents however no "Several Cone".
Nice originality!!
It's empty right?

That is a Crown Can. It had the same cap on it that the bottles did. They went out in the late 50's when flat top cans came in to being. They were still made of steel and you needed a church key to open. If a family member worked at a brewery, you could buy a double case = 48 cans, for $1.50. They were "shorts" as they were short an ox. or so.

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