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Why Has No One Ever Told Me about This?!?!

I had no idea.

(By the way, entry #700.)


ohhh yeahhh... they were replaying this on the news around the time that Bob Denver died.


So they where castaway on the Apostle Islands? Oh, and some of those YouTube links to the side of the one you posted where... hummmm, lets just say they probably can't be shown in the NorShore

yep..shot by papa livingston. I'm glad this finally got digitized and posted.

Where is the Duluth commercial with Franken and Davis?

Dawn Wells, the actress who played Mary Ann, is a UMD alumnus.

I'm still waiting for someone to digitize and post the Telly Savalas "Duluth -- who loves you, baby?" commercial.

Not to mention the ads starring "Henry Brick" in the mid-1980s.

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