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Wednesday's Go results

So the results are Nik (W) v. Hopper250 (B) h9(thats a 9 stone handicap) W+Resign; Nik (W) v. Hopper250 (B) h9 (game 2) Unfinished. It was nice out on the Brewhouse Patio where we were joined by 2 PDD members ironic1 and another who's name escapes me at the moment. We will play again tomorrow at Robin Goodfellow's 7:00pm the more the merrier. I will be bringing one of my old games to review and study. See every one there.


It was a beautiful evening to sit outside, drink a lovely pale ale, watch people play Go, steal hopper's onion rings, and keep a keen eye out for starfire.

sorry I couldn't make it this eve...child-ish obligations kept me at home. i intended to start her early on learning the game...

next round, perhaps?

if i'm not able to attend tomorrow (daddy/daughter activites will preclude)...next wednesday on the Brewhouse patio?

Wednesday may or may not work for me do to work obligations but tuesday will where do you want to meet as Goodfellow's is full on tuesday.

tuesday's probably good...

i have a board, although it is a tad on the smaller size...i'm buying myself a new board for some funky special occasion soon (but not soon enough), HOWever..I have access to a board...as well as another player.

so, Tuesday...on the patio, daddio? Go and Brew?

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