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Uh Mah Gad.

I know I posted once today already but...this picture and story warranted attention...


I found the full story on my favorite athiest's blog and again on the Tennessee Guerilla Women's blog.

Jaudice James put it this way...It's proof that if you live in America, the Christian Right owns your ass.

Frankly, it scares me.


maybe we need a new category called creepy Americana things

Ugh. As a Christian I have a problem with that. You may be surprised to hear this, but not all Christians are in favor of Bush's theocracy.

I know, ironic...and for that I am thankful...it's the rabidly fundamentalist Christians that scare me, not because of their beliefs, but because they hold so much sway over politics and society. They have remade Christ into their image, instead of making themselves into His image...which is idolatry.

Christ never spoke of gays, never spoke of abortion, or killing people in his name. He did speak of ants, children, prodical sons, lost sheep and shepherds looking for them, loving your neighbor, helping the poor, and being peacemakers...oh, and some things about being meek and inheriting the earth...then he fed a multitude with some fish and a few loaves of bread. Oddly enough he didn't try to convert them or even ask if they believed in him before he did.

Okay, so I did watch a bit of the CBS evening news (or something to that effect)on this very subject ('liberal' Christians...)

Personally, I think it's also idolatry to try and put a political face on Christ.

christ also condemned a fig tree to death for not having a fig for him, told us to sell our clothes to buy a sword, and was constantly pissed off that his desciples didn't understand his parables. he was also mean to his mommy. he was kind of a wierdo.
a big improvement on the old testament, though.

Odd how things pop up in unexpected places, the Tennessee Guerilla Women's blog is actually my mom.

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