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Tuesday's Go results

Sorry about the late update Tuesday was fun in.dog.neato had his daughter with, get them started youg, she is cute. Enjoyed the getting to play new people, Paul is a good player I hope to play him next time we meet for go. The sorta score card for the night was Nik 1 win out of 1 game, Amarath 1 win, 1 loss out of 2 games, Paul 1 win, 1 loss out of 2 games, in.dog.neato 2 losses out of 2 games, Hopper250 1 win out of 1 game. I'm not sure when i'll be available next week as i lost my work schedual somewhere i'll post a comment tonight when i know for sure. The Brewhouse was quite full on tuesday so any suggestions of other places in town to play would be great. See everyone on another day.

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