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They Got the Aces, We Gots the Eights


TONIGHT * Thursday, July 27th * 9:30pm

Calling all pirates, weirdoes, rawkers, poets, writers and prestidigitation aficionados.


Norman's Bar on First Street is now [insert finger snapping and pointing] Aces.

The only way to truly inaugurate and experience such a unparalleled coup de main of swank for the first time is with a rowdy flash mob of hipsters, hooligans, home-wreckers, Heiko, Hugo, and some of you damn homebodies to overrun, bewilder the bartenders and disappear into the night like a rag-tag band of highway robbers.

Brouhaha forms up at Carmody's at 9:30pm where we shall plan the preferred method of attack.


Damn it Adam! You forgot to call out the zombies! You need to invite the Guys-and Dolls-lovin', brain-eatin' zombies.

*sigh* since we were not invited, the little zombie pirate and I will stay home and practice our rendition of "Luck be a Lady."

"I'll know when my brain comes along. I'll know..."

"Got the horse right here, his name is Paul Revere, and his flesh is good eating if you can't get deer..."

"Tell me how do I taste now that your teeth are sunk deep within me? Well sir, if I were a vein I'd be open and spurting!"

Still working on zombie lyrics for "Rockin' the Boat."

Oh, Ironic 1......
That is just tooo funnny! LOVE IT!

so...did anybody puke?


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