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Roger Wilco.


What a fantastic show. It sure is great to bike home from a show and not drive all night from Minneapolis. Thanks for stopping by Wilco.


According to http://wilcoworld.net, the Duluth show will be webcasted on their site.

It was indeed a most awesome concert.

According to http://wilcoworld.net the Duluth show will be webcasted on their site.

It was indeed a most awesome concert.

5 reasons why the concert scared me.

1. the 'REM syndrome'. i have a fear that if i were to ever become a successful musician i would lose all identification with those that came out to see me. just a bunch of super fans/frat boys chanting along to everything and freaking out over...i'm not sure what. just the fact that it's Jeff up there? that we should be so LUCKY that he'd even talk to us.

2. while they WERE super tight as a band and i can appreciate that i thought it was mostly boring, tired, almost a 'paint by numbers' set. bring telecaster out now, different bass for second song, etc. one hour set with overtly pretentious ending.

3. the light show. ugh. when the lights come up on the audience to make them cheer more? classy!

4. the three encore situaton where you make the audience BEG for more. it's so big rock show that it's almost contemptuous.

5. the new songs to me sound like they are losing touch with reality a little bit. you're so inside your bubble and jaded by constant praise that one doesn't even know how weird your music is becoming.

i guess overall i just felt sort of insulted and while i agree that it was cool for them to come to duluth (and glenn kotche is an awesome drummer) i think i'm all done with rock concerts.

did ya ever think about just not going? probably could have saved you some time and money and a diatribe.

actually, mayday, in life i've found it's sometimes fun and interesting to share feelings and opinions about one's experiences. that's just me, though.

also it would have been hard to predict my reaction to the concert if i hadn't gone. but i'll remember your advice in the future:

rule #25 "in the event i MIGHT have a negative reaction to [some event] don't go at all."

I talked to some friends who've seen more Wilco shows that I have (their Walker Art Center gig was my only previous show), and they kind of echoed shark's "paint by numbers" sentiments regarding the performance.

That said, I had an amazing time and the energy from the crowd was really overwhelming.

It was also really nice to talk to a bunch of people that I haven't seen in a while.

I guess that, everything said, a paint by numbers Wilco show is better than a paint by numbers Nickelback show any day of the week.

Now we just need someone to get the Silver Jews and The New Year up here so that I can rest in peace.

nickelback does "Cookie Cutter" shows.

and i've found in life it is sometimes fun and interesting to make fun of others' experiences.
i'm just trying to determine what you expected from the show. don't get me wrong, great musicians up there doing their jobs...but, at this point in wilco's career it's akin to going to a hootie and the blowfish show in 1994 and being upset that the 15-year-old girl next to you is singing along to "only wanna be with yooouuuuuuuu..."

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