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need assimilation?

Well I sure did! So here's a call to trek / tech fans in PPDD-town. Bakke, a recent HCIS grad, has an impressive dvd collection of TOS star trek. She let me borrow them and I've been watching...with the sound off...adding my own dialouge...well as we all know , this can be fun alone..but much better with others....so I have this idea of a Trek night....some TOS straight up, some TOS with improv voice over...some next gen..if everyone showed up in costume, it'd be

10 Forward

So my question is, is it worth doing? Would a bunch of you dare to show up at HCIS and watch big screen old school star trek, maybe even do some freaky improv..turn this into...hey....My dad has a replicator, My dad has a shuttle bay...we could do a show!!


umm...i can't be sure, but tamara would be on that like white on rice.


- Make it so, number one!

- Heh. Hehheh. He just totally called that guy "number one." Is there some piece of crap in a uniform he calls "number two?"

I know nothing about Star Trek, but it sounds like SOOO MUCH FUN. Beem me up, Baci.

Why stop it at just improv? There's a whole universe awaiting us.... third star to the left, mr baci, and straight on 'til morning...

affrimative! Let's start with a shake down cruise at impluse speed first.

Sounds like geeky fun - I'm in!

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